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Cjclive Network is the Uber and Airbnb of bitcoin mining in the social sharing economy . 3 Billion people a day share content on social media, now you can earn Cryptocurrencies for sharing your story!

What if you could Earn Bitcoin Points for Uploading a video, Subscribing to a video Channel, Refer a friend, Live Stream, Liking, Creating a Channel. Cjclive is the sharing platforms that specializes in gamifying bitcoin points rewards system. We believe everyone deserves to own bitcoin without the risks of competing with millions of computer mining farms.

  • No more Mining Bitcoin Farms
  • No More Investment Schemes
  • No Competition with Millions of Graphic Cards
  • Earn Bitcoin points daily for doing what 4 Billion people are doing Now!
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The Future of Digital Marketing
Teaching you how to Build your own Brand, Generate Leads, Become a Influencer and Automate your business using the #1 marketing and training platform created by the top Digital Marketing Experts in the GAME!


Quintric Gold Token

The Quintric monetary system combines the best aspects of precious metals, cryptocurrencies, and legal tender into one revolutionary, patent-pending, medium of exchange.



As you use CJCLIVE to grow your customer base, you’ll also earn a share of the revenue generated from your channel


Channel Subscriptions

viewers and customers can support you by purchasing a monthly subscription to your channel in exchange for access to special perks


Video Transcodes

Quality options allow viewers to select the video quality that best suits their internet speeds.


Daily Merchant  Profits

Become a peer to peer merchant on Cjclive Marketplace! Earn Daily revenue for referring products and services on the Cjclive Marketplace.


Broadcast Yourself

To thousands of simultaneous viewers using our STS platform. In turn, our commerce component, explained below, allows the easy and free exchange of commerce of virtual and real-world items.

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